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The site is up and running!  Thank you for visiting!  We'll be updating constantly, so be sure to keep up, baby!  We love you, so we want you to be up to date with all of our awful doom and gloom! 


Be sure to check out the artist and release pages for links to our artist's websites and music!

After all, that's why you here, right?


Lawless Label



06/06/66 Site Launch!
​02/25/17 New Things!

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Drink wine too. For you!


Blastcap and Kazi Delicious have both announced new EPs and albums scheduled for release later in 2017!  Be on the look out for Blastcap - Angry and Hopeless and Sad and Kazi Delicious  - Pure Deliciousness!


Be prepared.



12/25/16 Blastcap - XXXmas

XXXmas by Blastcap has hit the ... universe.


This experimental album is the brainchild of Blastcap drummer, GUMBa, and bassist/vocalist, Jake Lawless.  XXXmas in an exercise in the  "fuck it, let's see what happens" mentality and should be viewed as such. 


The album is set to be released physically and digitally on Spotify, Itunes, and Amazon soon but can be downloaded now at! 

Here at Lawless Label, we're dedicated to bringing you the most interesting music possible, and we're extremely proud to present to you, the amazing person that you are, Blastcap - XXXmas!


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